The launch above is Fleetwing and the photos were sent in by South Island woody – Pete Beach. Pete mentioned in a June 2020 WW story (link below – great read), that he once owned Fleetwing. The photos above are from when she was owned by Seymor Scott of Wharehunga Bay, Queen Charlotte Sound back in the 1940’s.

I’m a little confused – do we have two Fleetwings? In a November 2016 WW story we talked about Fleetwing being purchased by the Pollard Brothers and returned to Auckland and given a make-over. The hulls look similar but the boat must have had several ‘make-overs’. Check out the links below and let me know if we have the same boat. I’m sure Cameron Pollard will clear it up 🙂
2016 Story


2020 Story

Sorry if I got my wires crossed – been a busy boy today. 

4 thoughts on “Fleetwing

  1. I can tell you this fleetwing pictured has never been 26’ long or 7’ beam. You’ve got the wrong boat…… and the pollards wish she was capable of 46mph lol


  2. This Fleetwing was built in 1927, length 26′ x 7’4″ powered by 160hp V type 8 cyl Curtiss engine and sold on to W Parkinson of Ponsonby Auckland 1935. Her best speed was 46mph.


  3. Definitely the same boat. Fleetwing was my grandfathers boat up till the 60s then went to the mussel farms. She went through a few owners I saw her on a mooring in Paremata. I bought her to stop her being demolished and she finished up in garden in Whanganui before returning to Auckland.


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