Waipa + Boat Boot Sale

Baden Pascoe recently sent in the above photo of the workboat – Waipa and commented that she was owned by Ray Bronlunds and if his memory is correct, Logan built. Wait brings back many memories for Baden, having helped his father, Howard, and Ray cut the box shed off her. This would have been back in the days Baden wore short pants i.e before school days and he was helping them do odds and ends. Then Howard Pascoe built the configuration as in the above photo. Back then s.he had a Perkins P4 and went like stink. With in a year Ray and Waipa were no 1 cray boat in the Bay taking the crown off Ronomor and Norma. Do we know what became of Waipa?

Left, A young Ray Brondlund and Don Ross on
board coaster Lady Jocelyn . Without any question two cornerstones of
Whitianga commercial boating and absolute gentlemen. Just to add Ray is a
former owner of the lovely Waione.

If so, make life easier for everyone and drop us an email so we know how many sausages to buy 🙂

Lets be honest, we all collect / hoard boat bits. Could be a good time to gain some more space and earn a few dollars.Waitematawoodys and The Slipway, Milford are hosting a boat boot sale on Sunday 18th October at their boat yard in Milford, Auckland. Details below.So woodys, be brave and get together anything boat related that you think needs a new home and bring it along on Sunday 18th (10.00>11.30am) – to stop some ponker turning up with an alloy mast – there is only one rule – items must fit in a car boot 🙂 But we will make an exception for grandad’s kauri clinker dinghy.Its a big shed but space will be limited so drop me an email to reserve some space  waitematawoodys@gmail.com
As its the day after the General Election – I’ll either be in a good mood or very grumpy. AND IT IS CASH ONLY.

2 thoughts on “Waipa + Boat Boot Sale

  1. Thanks Merv, Yep, great days in our home town. Yes, I should have identified Don. The final little dodger on Waipa was added by Tom Findlay. Man she could go, flat tap, her after deck was below the sea level. I would say she could do 10-11 knots. I can remember when Arnolds fitted the new engine. I think the one before that was an very early Fordson. Lovely looking little work boat that Made Ray and Judy a lot of $$$.


  2. I can add a little to Baden’s info about Waipa in Ray Bronlunds ownership.
    Sometime late 1960’s to early 70’s the business I worked for at the time, Mercury Bay Service Station, replaced the engine in the Waipa with a brand new Perkins 4/108 for Ray. I don’t
    remember much of the installation but I remember doing the first service for Ray after the engine was run in. As Baden said Ray was a very successful cray fisherman and a very nice guy with it.
    He sold the Waipa later on and purchased a trawler powered by a problematic Rolls Royce engine.
    In the foreground of the picture of the Waipa is Don Ross, my father-inlaw in his rather overloaded dinghy, unusually rowing, which he never usually did, I guess heading to Miss Lidgard his Charter Boat. Don always sculled his dinghy. He passed away in April 2019 after living with us in Katikati for 6.5 years.


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