The above photos of the 44’ Timeless were sent in by John Burland and show her berthed at Nelson Marina.
Back in March 2014 she appeared on WW and we established that she was potentially launched in 1998 as Daphne Dee, later (2002) renamed Timeless. Link to the 2014 WW story below.
I’m liking the new paint job 🙂
Any of the newer (since 2014) woodys able to shed more light on this woody?
Off to Whangarei today to check-out a few woodys, more details soon 😉

1 thought on “Timeless

  1. Being the present owners of Timeless I can now provide a bit more history on this boat, we posted the enquiry back in 2014 for information on her and have since got a bit more of her history.
    She was built in Te Atatu Auckland by Eric Gibson a boat builder and his wife Daphne in their back yard.
    The build was started around 1960 but due to poor health in the 70s and 80s he was not able to complete topsides. In 1998 hull and decks were taken to Colin Silby boat builders were the wheelhouse was fitted and other finishing work done.
    She was launched 1998 as Daphne Gee and sold onto Craig Littlejohn and Jenny Peace from Tauranga after Eric passed away 2002, they extended the wheelhouse and fitted out the interior.
    We purchased her from Walter Elsey in 2014 and keep her in the Nelson Mariner.
    In 2016 we circumnavigated South Island and 2019 the North Island.
    She is said to be a Laurent Giles design, 44ft LOA , is planked in 1 5/8 inch Kauri, powered by 6 Cylinder 120 hp Ford 2715e. She cruises at around 7 knots at 1500rpm burning about 7 LPH, reduction is 3:1. Displacement 18 tons.


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