Ani (Brief Affair)

Ani Photo


I have been contacted by Matthew Hambrook looking for more details on the 1975,  41’ Keith Atkinson built launch – Ani. In a previous like she was called ‘Brief Affair’ and spent a number of years in the Golden Bay area.
Matthew commented that there had been talk of the boat being one of the ’Shango’ named launches that Keith Atkinson built.
Can anyone shed some light on the boat?
Two nights ago BOI woody Dean Wright sent me the photo below of Lady Shirley swinging on a mooring in Opito Bay. Obviously in summer cruising mode with all the ‘fruit’ on top of her 🙂
Not too sure about those cabin hatches, looks like they would be more at home on a Y88 😉
Lady Shirley BOI Jan2019

5 thoughts on “Ani (Brief Affair)

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  2. Rather have a decent dry exhaust than baffles and deflectors and the stink following behind. Or worse still the latest craze of shoving it underwater.
    Funnels are obviously not everyone’s cup of milo and not suitable to some vessels. But each to thr own.


  3. You can always put it out the back, suitably placed, near the outer corners, & perhaps with directive pipes, baffles or deflectors, if needed, to avoid cavitation, or out the sides right by the corner of the tuck — not usually any problems with that, & much more seemly than a pipe, or funnel, out the top looking incongruous & ugly in most cases. – KEN R


  4. Cameron I agree- Pacific has moods, sometimes regardless of breeze, the topsides will have a very light soot stain, other times clean as. Thank god for Jif


  5. One of the negative traits of a wet xorst is the tattoo down the top sides.
    Up in the air can’t beat it.


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