Mystery Whangaroa Launches

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 9.03.34 PM


The above 1962 photo comes to us from Lew Redwood’s fb and shows several Woodys at anchor. The bridge decker in the centre looks familiar but I can not put a name to her, I’m sure Nathan Herbert will be able to ID her.
The smaller launch on the right  looks quick even at anchor – any ideas on her?
I was recently sent the link below by Australian woody – Andrew Christie. Its a register of Australian and New Zealand builders plates, a little light on kiwi content but its a start – worth a look.

4 thoughts on “Mystery Whangaroa Launches

  1. The boat on the RHS is the Lotus which was owned by Alan Sanderson. The Blue Skies is correct for the bridgedecker which was probably owned by Dick Abel the publican at the Marlin Hotel at around this time.


  2. The boat at left appears to be Blue Skies, the boat on the right I cant remember but may be one that belonged to Jack Kenney? It was identified in a clear photo on Whangaroa Facebook a few years ago


  3. My comment is in regard to the link to boat builder plaques,. I worked for a boat builder who did his time at Millkraft in Brisbane, he told me you could tell by the shape of the plaque the nature of the original owner. A round or oval plaque meant they were pleasant clients and square or rectangular one meant they were difficult. Don’t know how true this was but I note that there are two shapes representing Norman Wright and sons (who I had dealings with) so there could be some merit in it.


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