Work Boats Wednesday – Port Chalmers



Work Boat Wednesday

Woody owner (Arethusa) & commercial photographer, Dean Wright, has just returned from two weeks cruising around the bottom of the South Island on board a 1970, 47’ Saunders motorboat. They made it down to Stewart Island (Port Pegasus) & then came up the East Coast of the South Island to Mana, Wellington.

Todays story showcases some of the work boats Dean spotted in Port Chalmers, 

I love the southerners use of colour on their boats, maybe its for dual purposes – looks & safety e.g. to be seen.

Any southern woodys able to ID those without names?

4 thoughts on “Work Boats Wednesday – Port Chalmers

  1. The last photo is the two northern slipways at Careys Bay Slipways (formely Miller & Tunnage)


  2. First photo is Normandy, ex cockpit boat Sambo. Harold may know her as that name. Rebulit in Westport to as shown by Graham Wells. First small photo on left is Falcon. ex Lillian T. Jack Guard built. Double-ender below her is Te Anau. ex Waikawa Southland trawler. Now a nice pleasure conversion. Aft wheelhouse Ali vessel behind Bonita next photo down is Rhona Hardy ex Australia. Cant help on converted clinker lifeboat


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