I was recently contacted by Bruce Pearson, who is trying to track down the old wooden launch named Pakeha, pictured above, which belonged to his late Grandfather Dr. Gordon Campbell of Nelson.

Bruce is light on any details about the boat as he was just a child when his Grandfather took his family out on it, around the late 1960’s, early 1970’s (Bruce is aged 55 now).

Bruce’s mother told him that her Dad (Gordon Campbell) had the boat since the 1940s and he renamed it to Pakeha, she thinks it was formerly called Elsie or something similar.

Pakeha was double ended and had a lower berth cabin with a semicircular front and a taller wheelhouse. Her length is unknown.

Bruce has been told that it was later owned by a farmer near Motueka somewhere and that it was partially restored when the farmer passed away. No info available as to what happened to it since that sighting.

Bruce would love to hear what became of Pakeha.



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