The photo above shows the launch Tuatahi alongside the wharf at Kingfisher Lodge, Whangaroa in 1954.

Anyone able to shed some light on her?

Photos below ex Brian Worthington

I’m out & about over Easter, if my dinghy is looking a little low in the water it is because I have found spotX, that the boys below had  🙂     (both photos ex Lew Redwood)


4 thoughts on “Tuatahi

  1. Another of the owners of the lodge was a Mr Bayliss. He also had a classic launch which his son sank.Has anyone any knowledge of that boat?

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  2. The colour photo was taken in Tauranga when i had it for sale a few years ago and the black n white photo was when it was chartering out of the Bay of Islands briefly many years ago.

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  3. I’ve sent Alan some more recent images, taken through the years, of the TUATAHI, & sadly she has had her coamings replaced, & then added to later, by the look of it, some time back,& in my opinion, she has lost her lovely classic lines, as she was built, & perhaps could almost be in the “block of flats” brigade, by what I an see in the newer shots of her — so sad!! — KEN R

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  4. Im sure she is still around. I stayed at the Kingfish Lodge in 1976 The Tuatahi was at that time owned by the owners of the lodge. From memory one of the owners a Mr Gilligan who called her Tuatahi Star. If you google N.Z.Classic Game boats there are several pics of her, one as she is today..

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