C’est Ia Vie



C’est Ia Vie*

The above clinker runabout is owned by Stuart Donaldson, who is keen to learn more about her past. Stuart has been told that it was designed and possibly built by John Spencer in the late 1960’s /early 1970’s.

Thanks to woody Baden Pascoe who spotted her at Okahu Bay boat ramp over the weekend & took the photos.

Baden commented that she appears to be a very professionally built boat.

So woodys – anyone able to supply more intel on this clinker runabout?

(*French translation = That’s Life)

Update 09-05-2018 ex John Wicks – after spending most of her life on the lakes, C’est La Vie has really got a a taste for salt. This time at West Harbour.



6 thoughts on “C’est Ia Vie

  1. C’est La Vie had a summer swing mooring at Taupo for quite a few years in the 1990’s/early 2000’s, from memory, just to the south of the former Edgewater now Millenium hotel. She was in immaculate condition and obviously well loved – and normally kept under cover when you looked at her blemish free brightwork.


  2. Yes, the quality of work on this lovely little retro run-about has Dave Mark’s hallmarks. This is a pedigree boat and we must encourage it’s new owner to value the designers and builders input and mana. If maintained I can see some thing like this to be very valuable in the future. Shame Tony and I did not spot it before the Tino Rawa clinker weekend.


  3. That makes sense; Dave Marks and John Spencer were contemporaries. Dave was/is a superb clinker boatbuilder. Perhaps Marks and Spencer (accidental pun) were confused?


  4. There was a boat of similar design, (Aurora I think was the name) moored at lake Taupo for many years. It was refurbished in Tauranga. I understood it was a wooden Marksply.


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