Classic Land / Ice Yacht


Classic Land / Ice Yacht

I was mooching abound facebook & came across a fb post that Nelson boatbuilder Peter Murton had ‘liked’. I just love everything about the photo & would so like to have a go sailing one of these.

The photo is from a fb post by Jeanette Horst, a very talent photographer from the Netherlands that residences in France – check her work out at the links below.

And if you need further proof I’m a wee bit of a woody nut, check out the Japanese wooden beer cup below, the beer really does taste better in it. Only downside, if you bought a set of 4 you would need to call the bank manager to arrange an over-draft 🙂  I bought one only.

2 thoughts on “Classic Land / Ice Yacht

  1. I believe the Dutch built passenger versions of these things and I also seem to recall passengers were carried in something similar on the Hudson river in winter. The above look like sailing boats with seasonal appendages added.


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