Early Auckland Downtown Waterfront



Early Auckland Downtown Waterfront

The above photos were sent to me by Lindsay McMorrin & were taken off much larger photos on the hoarding in front of the downtown restaurant formerly known as Cin Cin. The hoarding is above the sea wall repair site.

Any of the woodys able to ID the launches? On the first photo, the 2nd launch is Olivene The launch at the front of the 2nd photo is Tauri.



Photos below ex Baden Pascoe of Tauri > Phyllis



7 thoughts on “Early Auckland Downtown Waterfront

  1. A.M.P. (jack Butcher) installed a 4VRO Ruston engine and that engine stayed in her right through to when Rope Construction owned her. Harry Stanaway lived on board with a wife and baby when working down at the Mount on the new export wharf build. That installation convinced Fisher Bros to fit one in Opaia after the Straker “Djinn” broke Jack’s arm in a backfire


  2. It is well worth a stroll along the seaward side of the ferry building to look at the originals of these pictures, which are very large and in superb clarity.


  3. That’s amazing when you see the position of the ferry building. Not much in the way of modern day bright work.


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