Mystery Launch 08-12-2017



Mystery Launch 08-12-2017

Today’s mystery launch started life as a Coulthard sedan launch, the photos above show her in the mud at Whangarei a couple years ago. The photos came from Nathan Herbert, who commented that while working on Lucinda a while back he met a man who mentioned his family had a long ownership of this boat.

So woodys – can we name her & dig up some history on her past life?

09-12-2017 – More photos ex Jason Prew (name plate photographed from a distance)




6 thoughts on “Mystery Launch 08-12-2017

  1. The Nautilus with Red Crosses on the side has just hit the water again after a spot of maintenance I suggested that perhaps they should have attended Patio Bay last weekend with large water bottles and Berocca to hand out on Sunday morning!


  2. Hey I made two visits! Did you take that one??

    I have a couple photos of the boat as a sedan launch, pre raised bridge and dodger. She looks to have had a well fitted out interior n her day


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