Mystery Launch 08-09-2017


Mystery Launch 08-09-2017

Last year I was sent the above photo by Ken Ricketts, who obtained the photo of the bridge-decker from a Mrs Carol Stewart. The background around the photo is a little hazy so I’m asking the WW readers for their input.
Ken is confident the boat is Leone, as he says an old friend, Ray Bailey, owned a similar looking vessel in the 1970’s. Back then she did not have the coamings as seen in the photo fitted.
Ken tagged the photo ‘Leone – owned by Merv Cunningham c.1988’. Via a friend (Dennis Ross), I knew a Merv Cunningham around that time & I recall he owned a launch, but believe it or not I was a yachty back then & did not pay much attention to motorboats, so I do not recall what she looked like.

So woodys, anyone know the vessel & her past?. Also what became of her?

6 thoughts on “Mystery Launch 08-09-2017

  1. If LEONE (and there were more than one) she’s probably the boat owned by Evan Rishworth around 1960 when she had a 95hp Lycoming and, according to APYMBA records, was built by Chas. Bailey & Sons Ltd in 1929. If that’s correct then she started life under another name.


  2. Yes she is at TeAtaut on the poles. She is in a VERY sad state. Broken windows and filling with fresh water…. very sad.


  3. She is flying the Kawau Island Yacht Club Pennant in this image so was obviously in the Auckland region at the time of taking. — KEN R


  4. All I know i sthat she’s moored on the piles in Te Atatu, she is in some old photos on this site looking the same, and there is an old NatLib photo of her on the slip in the Baileys/Shipbuilders area with an amount of gear on her decks but still looking as current.


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