Today’s post features a visitor from distant shores. I’ll start off with some background – the above photos were sent to me by the CYA launch captain Angus Rogers. Angus had been contacted by a gent by the name of Thom Board, who lives in Cornwell in the UK. Thom’s house overlooks the harbour at Mylor Churchtown & recently he spotted a launch named Brioni tied up.

Like all good woodys Thom was looking around the internet trying to find some information on Brioni & stumbled across the online version of the CYA (NZ) Classic Register. Thom discovered that the register has a number of similar looking designs with straight stem, raised topsides forward, ports, narrow and a tumble-home hull aft. He also noticed many of the boats were Colin Wild designs.

It’s a very slim chance but Thom wondered if there was any possibility she was actually a Colin Wild design or similar. Personally I suspect she falls into the ‘Spirit of Tradition’ category i.e. new-ish build. What say the woodys?

Whoever the designer – she is rather pretty 🙂


17 thoughts on “Brioni

  1. She looks a fair bit like a Rob Humphreys design built for Les Williams a few years back for running over to Cowes called club claret . In fact our own David Barker has one in North America and there is one in Sandspit as well.


  2. No need to win lotto. It’s all about dealing with the correct people.
    Engine side of things is under control.
    The right hull is out there too I’m sure.


  3. Maybe the waitemata harbour needs something similar to this galloping around. Fitted with a redwing thorobred perhaps ?


  4. I should have looked at the link first Thom! Truely beautiful. I too would be happy to deliver a boat like this half way round the world.


  5. Nice looking vessel but strange layout. Small wheel on the port bulkhead and engine controls and instruments to starboard. Maybe the helmsman stands in the centre? Or maybe a throttleman to assist the helm?


  6. Thanks for the feed back on the yacht Thom. A friend of mine has just put his 40′ Philip Rhodes design yacht WAITOA, on the market, at half the price! They are beautifully constructed and designed boats. I like the double companion ways. Does JOSEPHINE have this double companion way too?


  7. Brioni is a local Cornish place-name. I seriously doubt that she’s anything but a nice 1930s English design, a toy for a wealthy fellow with a holiday home on the Cornish coast.


  8. The hull — bow & flare in particular, look quite like APACHE which of course was home built in Captain Springs Rd Te Papapa in 1939 — KEN R


  9. Stephen – BRIONI looks like she’s not yet ‘completed’ but appears to have a small galley, heads and seat/berth either side forward. The raised bridgedeck accommodates the new twin engine setup. I imagine she was originally built with a central engine & box and the cockpit boards would have run right forward to the bulkhead.

    The yacht in the background is JOSEPHINE, a Philip Rhodes design from the 1950’s. She’s yours for GBP180,000 and I’m free to deliver her to NZ over the next year or two!


  10. Tend to agree with Stephen, doesn’t look very functional at all. Similar to a water taxi perhaps, albeit very nice classic water taxi. I’m interested in the yot in the background, very nice.


  11. I’m wondering how she would be used. There are no obvious overnight stay comforts, it isn’t a work boat, sailboat, fishing boat or ski boat so all that’s left looks like day charter party boat for river cruising. Col Wild wouldn’t have built anything like that so I’m inclined to agree with Alan that it’s a modern build “in the style” – even if it’s an old hull reworked. it really doesn’t look like anything you’d see in the colonies.
    Cheers Steve


  12. Thanks for the post Alan. One thing I omitted to say is BRIONI is an old hull. Looking at her planking, ribs and some fittings she’s clearly a few decades old.

    She has been finished with a modern twist: two large inboard Yanmars, full electrics and bow thruster!

    If I run into the boat again I shall make some enquiries and get some answers.



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