Siesta – The Old Days – Part 2






While yesterday’s story focused on the launch Siesta, the photos were all from her later years. Due to a technology glitch I did not receive the above b/w photos till late yesterday, so decided to do a separate post with the new/old photos.

Scroll down to compare the ‘as launched’ pre-fly-bridge days with the later addition. I know what I prefer put still a pretty woody.

(photos ex the original owners- via Ken Ricketts)

2 thoughts on “Siesta – The Old Days – Part 2

  1. Your absolutely right mate, it is indeed without doubt the back end of the AMAKURA — there is a bit more of her showing in my original of that image, also that side davit is showing in the image I took of her in Mansion House Bay at Christmas 1948.– KEN R


  2. Yeah, I like her as launched. Looked well with the aft dodger -makes like more liveable especially fishing on a damp/windy day. The present frying bridge screen sides are a little angular. But still.
    The second to bottom pic has a peripheral interest. Who is that left frame? Watchya reckon, Ken? Amakura? That davit would fit -she had boats atop the bikini deck. Tasman probably not -higher wooded aft and Rehia was a lot smaller had a wooden topped rail aft.


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