I Want the Compass ;-)

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 5.27.53 pm

I Want the Compass

The rest of you can fight over the what’s left. We could all chip in & buy her 😉 I can see the shower on My Girl?,  Lucinda needs a home-home-theater set up, the sink would look good in Trinidad’s cockpit, the alloy floors for Waimiga’s cockpit?.

Now those outboards?, might be the only way I can get more speed out of Raindance 🙂

I suppose at a $18k buy-now, it could be a cheap floating man pad but…………………………. really how do people come up with a value for their pride & joy?. Some recent trademe examples are so far off the mark, its embarrassing & just paints the wrong picture for the wooden boating scene.





5 thoughts on “I Want the Compass ;-)

  1. Won’t be too many older wooden boats around with dead dry bilges unless they have had the “condom” rebuild. So duz a wet bilge mean insurance cover decline ?


  2. It is unfortunate that Trade Me Woodies have stuff all provenance.
    Genuine Waitemata Woodies have comments about the owners, boat names (if more than one), where the owners cruised the boat, who built it,, timber used etc. All completely missing in this posting. My daily marine culture fix recorded a FAIL today.


  3. The lack of boating knowledge and experience is obvious in these photo,s. Thank god these boats rarely make it to sea !


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