Kaikoura in the B.O.I.


Kaikoura in the B.O.I.
The above launch is pictured above anchored in the Bay of Islands, Dean Wright scanned the image from ‘old’ film but is unaware of the boats name.
Anyone able to ID her & provide some history on the vessel ?

Update: Vessel has been ID’ed as the 1952 built launch Kaikoura. Lots of chat in the WW Comments section & photos at the link below


03-09-2017 – Updated photos below ex owner of 25 years – Peter Jones, via Ken Ricketts. Peter bought her off the Bridgeford family & this would make him only her 3rd owner.
She still has her 2 x 510 cu. in. 165 h.p .V8 Perkins diesels.


9 thoughts on “Kaikoura in the B.O.I.

    KAIKOURA has been owned for approximately the last 26 years by Peter Jones of the Bucklands Beach area, & she is moored at the Bucklands Beach Marina.
    He bought her off the Bridgeford family & this would make him as far as I know & can tell only her 3rd owner.
    She still has her 2 x 510 cu. in. 165 h.p .V8 Perkins Diesels one of which he tells me, he has replaced.
    He also told me, he has replaced her flying bridge, & on a boatbuilders advice, he reluctantly covered her hull with a thin layer of ply, & glassed it over, & now wishes he had never done this, but splined her instead, as he had previously intended, as it has slowed her cruising speed down, from around 16 knots to around 8/9 knots with the extra weight.
    Will have more images to her story very soon — KEN R


  2. Further to the above, Alf C., owned KAIKOURA, until he tragically died on her one day, when he was anchored off Karaka Bay, in the Tamaki Estuary, & there was just an old one legged mate of his, & him aboard, & he went up to the bow to pull the anchor up, at which point he had a sudden heart attack, fell overboard off the bow, & drowned.
    A most tragic end for a very colourful & dedicated man of the sea, a life long boatie, & a lover of the outdoors — KEN R


  3. KAIKOURA is about 42 feet long, was built for the late Alf Crawford owner of canvas & camping retailer E Le Roy Ltd Queen St of that era & she was built by P Voss Ltd & had 2 x 165 hp Kermath Sea Mate Special 6 cyl petrol engines when built. These were later replaced by subsequent owners Bridgefords of Mission Bay with 2 x 165 HP Perkins V8 diesels.

    The brief Voss was given was to build Alf C a boat that would go to Gt. barrier in 2 hours from Auck in any weather, as he owned Selwyn Island, at the Barrier, where his wife & daughter lived permanently, whilst Alf & his son Cameron, (then 18), lived in Auck. for business reasons & went to the Barrier every weekend
    I spent most of one Easter c1954 on her at Mansion House Bay when we had JULILANA & the Crawfords on that occasion never got to the Barrier, but spent most of it tied alongside us, & they took us for ride, in a big North east sea, off Takatu Point, & believe me she was a magic boat in a big sea, — you couldn’t stand up, because it as such a long way down in all the holes in the water, but she handled it beautifully & could easily make it to the Barrier every trip whatever the weather, in the 2 hour time frame — quite something in those days. — KEN R

    Pictures I took of her in the early days sent to Alan


  4. Stunning. Anyone know measurements. Searched Kaikoura yes have to be same. No stats listed. Bruce


  5. Yep. Kaikoura and, she has lived on the Bucklands Beach Yacht Club marina for at least 15 years now – A3 from memory. ( Matata Mac )


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