Mystery Launch 25-06

Mystery Launch ex Gavin Bedggood


Today’s photo was sent to me last year by Gavin Bedggood. While she could be one many ‘HQ Holdens’ i.e. general transport for the gulf, her size might make ID’ing her possible.

The photo below ex Baden Pascoe puts a new twist on the term ‘from tree to sea’ – in this case the opposite 🙂

APOLOGIES for the missing photos on the right hand side of ww at the moment – Photobucket the host, have decided to charge people $400p.a. for ‘3rd Party Hosting’ of photos, I’ll work something out, hopefully later today 😉

Back to its roots

4 thoughts on “Mystery Launch 25-06

  1. It’a All Black.
    Designed and built by Tyler & Harvey 1908. Photo taken 21 November 1908.
    See Vintage New Zealand Launches by HDK & RE published by David Ling 2004 and still available at Boat Books Westhaven. Page 30 for details. (sigh)

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  2. Hi, I think the boat with the tree——-the side of the boat was opened up an the boat slipped in around the tree. Then I believe the planking was put back again, giving the impression the tree has grown inside the boat. J.M.O. Cheers.


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