Saucy Sue – 12′ Jack Logan Dinghy




Saucy Sue – 12′ Jack Logan Dinghy

Woody Mike Johnson sent me the above collection of photos of Saucy Sue – his 12′ Jack Logan dinghy. Mike mentioned that he was very grateful to friend David Peet for spotting the Logan on trademe  and for his brother and our friend Brian for convincing Mike’s wife, that ‘you can have two boats’……… even if it means her car is now exposed to the weather.
Mike was doing up a 9ft Mosquito Craft at that time and there was understandably a degree of concern as to where this was all going, so well done Brian.
The weathered varnish in some of the attached interior pics has since been restored. A few ‘mods’ have been tastefully added in the interests of comfort (aka staying dry) 😉
You can tell from the background scenery in the photos that Mike & Saucy Sue have traveled around the wooden boat events, great to see craft like this being used. Subject to the event, the Suzuki gets swapped for a Seagull.

4 thoughts on “Saucy Sue – 12′ Jack Logan Dinghy

  1. The word ‘clinker’ is derived from ‘clench’ which is another term for rivetting when using copper nails and roves (rooves). Our Yank friends would call the overlapping planking as ‘lapstrake’.build. Just a bit of useless trivia.


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