Steam Yacht Preana



Steam Yacht Preana

A good friend Nigel Golledge was recently in Hobart & spent some time mooching around the docks, not a lot else to do there 🙂 The stand out vessel a float was the  S. Y Preana,  a luxury steam yacht built by Robert Inches at his  Battery Point (Hobart) boatyard in 1896.

She was built for the Hon. W. G. Gibson M.L.C. a wealthy Tasmanian flour mill owner. By the 1930s, Preana had slipped down the scale, and was sold to the Watt family and had been fitted out as a fishing vessel, with a scallop dredge. She was then converted by Mr. Charles Lucas to a fine motor yacht for his own use and for cruising. In the late 1930’s she passed into the hands of Mr. WJ. Clark, and was known as the motor launch ‘WJ. Clark’, and then changed into the hands of Mr Peter Ketchel and back to to the name Preana.

For many years she sat idle and engineless at her moorings off Battery Point. In 1985 she was shifted to new moorings at Prince of Wales Bay, but sank at the marina there in mid 1992. Thankfully for the Preana, perhaps the only serving Hobart built steam yacht in Australia, she was rescued by The Preana Trust. A team of volunteers have now restored her to her original condition so that once again the PREANA can grace the waterways of Hobart and the Derwent River. More details & photos here


Below are a few photos of a display of 14′ ex navy clinker rowing dinghies awaiting restoration.

Below a poster promoting the upcoming Auckland Anniversary Weekend boat activity on offer. You will see mention of a Launch Parade on Saturday at Mahurangi – I will post more details on this tomorrow.



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