Mystery Launch 14-09-2016


Mystery Launch

The photo above was emailed to me by Brian Bead, along with several black & white yachting photos, all of which were ID’ed except the above photo. Its a mystery to Brian & to me – any woodys able to put a name to the launch. That rig / sail appears to be doing the business 🙂

14 thoughts on “Mystery Launch 14-09-2016

  1. I recon she looks like one of Joe Slattery’s. He was big on clean flush decks as Col Wild was?
    Nice looking boat I must say.


  2. By a strange coincidence G F V Townshend who owned DEFENDER in the 1930s also owned the sunken launch INVADER in the post below it in the 1940s. He was a cousin of General Sir Charles Townshend, called the “Defender of Kut” from the Ottoman forces in Mesopotamia in 1915-16. While terribly well connected to nobility in England and one step away from being a Marquis, he was Kiwi-born and ran the Royal Theatre in Kingsland.


  3. But you see, is that Mechanics photo of Defender at all? I was joining some pretty thin dots there… Co pare mystery lug to Defender racing in black.


  4. I’ve had a good look at a contemporary pic of DEFENDER, the one at Mechanics Bay alongside the PanAm Samoa Clipper. I reckon they are very similar boats and that the boat in the pic above is very likely by Lanes too, but the detail differences are too great for them to be the same boat.


  5. Well, DEFENDER was never on the Manukau but she was briefly on the Northern Wairoa based at Te Kopuru 1927-1931. I don’t know that harbour from the water but suppose it could be. Can’t see Tokatoka but the shore seen could be the western bank and the hills in the distance could be the range behind Kaihu.


  6. Can I backtrack on prev statements and say that THIS boat could be the Defender? ‘Don’t know what I was thinking on the other one Harold, different cockpit coaming arrangement, and possibly different porthole spacing also. Different belting, but that can be altered to fashion.


  7. Brian would know if anyone does. I had thought Manukau too although my yachting on the harbour was around Cornwallis and Huia. That certainly narrows the target. Pity we can’t read the letter on the bow emblem; that would narrow it much further. Work in progress.
    Charming picture!


  8. Could I suggest the Manukau? Taken from Onehunga side looking in the direction of the heads towards the Mangere foreshore and Puketutu Island.


  9. I checked out the Redwood’s fb page & couldn’t find the image. I’d be surprised if Brian Bead is into fb, he needed tips on how to attach the photos to an email 🙂
    To answer your questions Harold. No high res copy, I had to clean up the one supplied to me (see below). They were found in old carton of ‘stuff’ – Brian has no idea where they came from. A mate of his pointed him towards me via ww.


  10. Love the image, the nice flushdecker with her lugsail pulling like a train. I don’t know what she is but a high res image would help so that one could decipher the initial on the bow emblem and possibly read a name on the flag. It’s most likely that it does bear her name, otherwise why fly it?
    Does Brian’s family have any connections with launch-owning families? I could do a nominal search in my database.


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