Classics at the Sandspit Yacht Club

Rotomahana & Tuna 1

Rotomahana & Tuna



Classics at the Sandspit Yacht Club
photos ex John Pryor

John sent in the collection of photos above of woodys currently hauled out at the Sandspit Yacht Club & asked the question is SYC the new ‘Traditional Boat Yard’ ? I think I would have to agree with him, a grand line-up & with their impressive haul out set-up + the legendary Greg Lees Boat Builders alongside, you would struggle to find a more woody friendly facility.

All the woodys above have featured on ww before, so to read more on them, use the ww search box.

A true woodys smoke-0


3 thoughts on “Classics at the Sandspit Yacht Club

  1. And I was sure we were going to be the natural home of foiling cats! Still, pretty close I guess. J


  2. I noticed a couple of weeks ago a large engine arriving on the back of a truck at SYC and subsequently learnt from Dave Jackson that Karros now has a “new” Gardner fitted, replacing the previous Gardner which had done 37 years duty.
    In case any Woodies are not aware the SYC hardstand is available to the public subject to availability of space.


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