Mystery Launch 03-05-2016

mystery launch 03-05-2016

Mystery Launch 03-05-2016
photo ex Nathan Herbert, via Keith Hay Ltd, Whangarei office (taken with permission)

Details on the above launch are zero but given the model / year of the truck, the Keith Hay name on the truck & the present day location of the photo (KH Whangarei office) – maybe just maybe someone can ID the vessel or even the blokes in the photo. There is an extremely interested woody keen on covering details on this vessel.

So woodys – anyone able to help?

ps When I typed above ’05’ for the month I did a backward flip – where has the year gone…………………..


pps raw photo below.


4 thoughts on “Mystery Launch 03-05-2016

  1. I don’t recognise the boat but the truck is a 1950s Bedford, it has to be the (probably early to midi would think), 1950s & Since there is no propeller shaft, or rudder, I would tend to think she is still under construction, & is being moved for some reason. KEN R


  2. Did anyone film that backward flip..? Tee hee. If posted on Woodys your blog would go viral 🙂


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