CYA Cake Day



CYA Cake Day
photos Alan H & Daniel Renall

Last Saturday was the annual CYA ‘Round-Rangi’ yacht race + post race BBQ + Cake Day. The tradition of the Cake Day goes back a long way when women did not take part in yacht racing & once a year the men folk would invite women out for the day but they had to ‘bring a cake’. The cake day tradition lives on but these days its a competition to see who has the best looking & best tasting cake & more often than not, the cakes are made by the blokes.
The weather was a little fresh & the sailing fleet numbers were low, in fact only 3 yachts sailed the course 😦  this did not stop a great late afternoon raft up in Islington Bay which saw the cake judging happen afloat this year, I arrived later on & missed the announcement of the winners but if it was up to me Daniel Renall’s carrot cake would have won. Given how good it was I suspect wife Alex made it 🙂

A good turn out from what I call the ‘Gang of 8’ – the loyal launches who support the CYA events. We had in the bay – Wirihana, Lucille, Florance Dawn, Raindance & Kumi. Great to see Kumi back on this side of the island, owner Haydon Afford has just returned Kumi to the Waitemata after 2 seasons on the Kaipara.
I did see the recently relaunched Maria heading back up the Harbour when I was heading out so maybe Nick Voerman had been in the bay earlier in the day. BUT over all a poor turnout from both yachts & launches.

And a message from the yacht crews to the skipper of W1, slow down in the bay. Thats two complaints in 3 weeks………… 😦

8 thoughts on “CYA Cake Day

  1. Might I add that Hotspur was there in spirit as we stayed overnight on Friday but due to a change of plans had to return to Auckland Sat morning. One year we will try to follow our noses to the cakes


  2. Hmm think by 3 racers you mean 6, plus 4 withdrawals due to weather, three of whom turned up anyway….. Also the supporting vessels like riada etc…. But don’t let a good story get in the way of the truth 😉 bloody journalists:)


  3. And may I make people aware that Alan regardless of WW, probably has the highest attendance rate of any vessel at CYA events!


  4. Great photos thanks Alan- once again bummer that I couldn’t be there but my boat project still takes precedence 😦

    It’s my favourite race and after- race casual get- together, I insist that if anyone hasn’t attended before they do next year!

    Lucky that JQ has such a big nose by the looks. Great photos too thanks


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