Mystery Launch 19-03-2016


photo & details ex Robin Elliott

The above photo is another ex Robin Elliott’s Whangarei Cruising Club collection. Photo most likely from the 1940’s > early 1950’s period and taken by Palmer Photography in Whangarei (1910-1999). Most by the late Graeme Palmer and possibly some older ones by his father.

With the swordfish graphic on her bow she has a slightly familiar look to her but my memory bank isn’t sparking today, so woodys – anyone able to ID her & the two vessels in the background? The #38 might help – race?, fishing comp?.

8 thoughts on “Mystery Launch 19-03-2016

  1. I think for what it is worth that this is a boat called ” Caravelle ” which was was a ply boat owned by Bob Bignall and Sid Pritchard , it was an American design and poss built in america in the 1950s


  2. I agree with the “American look”. The photo was obviously taken during a Whangarei Regatta. Robin has, I think, access to those records. Perhaps Robin can get a list of the launches entered as #38 over the suggested timespan?


  3. I have looked long and hard at that bigger boat in the background and think she could be a trader down from the Cook Islands. She has a large fore cabin (with at least two people standing on it), raised cargo hold coamings common with copra carriers, broken sheer but continuous stantions and rails from bow to stern and the aft deck level cabins for passengers.There is also a person standing midships. From deck level down is a thick black line, this would be a heavy belting for the small boats to bash against while loading, unloading in open waters.
    Away back then,40’s and 50’s WECO did a lot of light marine engineering work so Bob Reynolds may be giving the crew some entertainment.These small ships would come down for survey every couple of years during the slycoon season. The French 3masted schooner “Oisea de Isles” used to come to Auck. every year from Mangareva to slip.
    The other launch #38 has a very American look to it. That’s my take on it anyway.


  4. There’s a photo of this boat on Brian Worthington’s site with the number TA 121 and a suggestion that she’s REELEMIN but she isn’t either REELEMIN. All the more reason to get her true id.


  5. I doin’t think so, because a. it doesn’t look like her and b. she was long-gone from Whangarei by this time.


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