Typhoon – Sailing Sunday



TYPHOON – Sailing Sunday
photos ex Kerry Pearson, details ex Lin Pardey via Harold Kidd

Typhoon she was built by Fellows and Stuart Shipyard, Los Angeles Harbour, probably 1938 or so, & has been moored in North Cove at Kawau Island for 10+ years, slowly deteroiating. Many have offered advice that due to her fastenings (galvanised nails) the surrounding timber was so badly rotten the vessel was beyond saving. On top of this her cabin sides and deck structures are also rotting.

Sometimes there is a fairy godmother out there & Lin reports that she has been purchased by one of the Kawau Island ferry skippers & he processes  skills & experience to look at her & decide if its do-able or just best to save all the good hardware for the next project. Will be interesting to near the outcome.

Any one able expand on her history?

4 thoughts on “Typhoon – Sailing Sunday

  1. Hi, Just wanted to give you some more details regarding her present owners.
    Hilary and Glennis Neilson who have been sailing the Pacific for the past 10 years on their own yacht Loafer a 46 Peterson currently living at Sanspit. They are sliping Typhoon this afternoon at SYC and transporting her to Omaha where Colin Browns Boat shed is, currently working on the restorations of Little Tasman and Maharatia. (which are progressing very well) Typhoons decks are still in reasonable condition and it looks like it may be a full restoration fer her as well.


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