photos ex Pam Cundy

The above photos of Awatere were taken by Pam over the 2015/16 Xmas / NY period. I’m assuming that she is from the McGeady stable, can anyone from the McGeady fan club confirm?
What else do we know about her?

More photos below ex Karen Moren, Ken Ricketts & Hylton.



11 thoughts on “Awatere

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  2. Lovely photos Pam. It’s great to see her out on the water as she wasn’t up for viewing last year when I was in Auckland.


  3. According to the Register of British Ships, RNZYS and RAYC records, Lloyds’ Yacht Register and APYMBA records she was built by Supreme Craft (G.V. McGeady) in 1954 for A.C. Innes who sold to Rex McCracken in 1958 who sold to Peter S. Findlay in 1964. There was another AWATERE in Auckland at the time (before the Greenwood one) so there’s some confusion after that.


  4. Apparently a registered ship – Number 199080 if that helps anybody track down any records…. She looks great in her original format with the varnish and the dodger, I’m already on the owners case for a restoration back to that look!


  5. Awatere was built by Mac., for Auckland car Dealer Arthur ( Bluey) Innes, who owned the PAIKEA just before or after her, owned her for a number of years, & used her regularly. —
    He was a round ruddy faced middle aged gentleman, with blonde hair & looked as if he spent his whole life on his boat out in the sun.
    ALTAIR also by Mc Geady, & previously featured on woodys is the other boat in the1950s/60s Okahu Bay photo.


  6. Hi, yes Awatere is a McGeady Boat, at one time was owned by Nick Rutherford and was a volunteer coast guard vessel and cruised with Keith Archer on Ausrtralis, as both were great friends.


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