photos & details ex John Burland

Todays post features the vessel Dietrich, moored at Marahau. To save you google earthing it – Marahau is a small settlement approx 19km north of Motueka in the South Island. In fact its the gateway to the Able Tasman National Park.
Dietrich is owned by Mike Perry & is supposed to be around 100 years old. There’s a story that she was owned by a woman of Maori royal heritage on Durville Island, who on the morning after her wedding night and after being pushed out of bed by her new husband and told to make breakfast, swam 2km across the channel to home. Reconciliation and 13 children supposedly followed
Almost definitely a name change at some stage, if you zoom in you’ll see an illustration of Marlene D on the exhaust stack.
There is a lovely canoe stern hull under that cabin & while a later addition its not too OTT.

Anyone able to shed more light on Dietrich?

2 thoughts on “Dietrich

  1. PS these double-enders seem to have followed the Logan Bros model, but the origin of the type is probably a natural example of form filling function. Chas Bailey Jr built a very similar hull, LIZZIE, for Donald Sutherland at Milford Sound in late 1902.


  2. Typical Sounds hull. Could have been built in Auckland by Chas Bailey, Bailey & Lowe or Logan Bros c1902 or slightly later if built locally by E.R.Lane or one of the other prolific local builders. Certainly Marlene Dietrich wasn’t a star when she was built, so it’s a name change. Baden’s the man for these lovely Sounds boats.
    One has recently turned up in the UK, of all places, allegedly a Logan but I have my doubts.


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