Hoax Woody

Hoax Woody
The above person is not a classic wooden boatie. If you sight him loitering around marinas & wharfs please confiscate the ww tee-shirt. He obtained it under false pretenses.
As a result of his behavior, future purchasers of ww merchandise may have to supply proof of their trustworthiness & commitment to the wooden boating movement 🙂

ps Its not a photo of  Xxx  Xxxxxxxx .  Name removed due to lack of a sense of humour 🙂

6 thoughts on “Hoax Woody

  1. Something smells here. The Woodys launch has the old back to front ensign with the Jack opposite the truck. My shirt has it corrected. A bit of constructive Photoshopping (TM) by Alan?
    The glasses are by Dame Edna Everidge, so he’s undoubtedly an A********n (you know, underarm bowlers etc) and is sledging the batsman/umpire.


  2. This gentleman certainly looks suspect, because any real Woody would not be seen dead in sunglasses like those !!


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