Another launch photo from Rocky Bay, Waiheke Island. She appears to reside there permanently.

Each to their own but her lines appeal to me, all the angles work, even the cockpit canopy 🙂

What do we know about her ?

ps Anyone know what the 3 rectangular ‘things’ are on her topsides?

6 thoughts on “Captaur

  1. Thank you for the comments on my boat. She is a lovely vessel, and yes, the three rectangles are ventilation covers for the saloon, head and aft decking area. She was built in Taupo in 1967, planked cedar with glassed top sides. Cheers,


  2. A most pleasant looking cruiser that isn’t dripping in time and funds consuming varnish. To be encouraged from someone like myself who is allergic to sandpaper. C


  3. 2 thoughts, It would seem to me the “things” on the topside would have to be a type of bilge ventilator & she looks like she has one of the 1960s 30-34 foot Shipbuilders kitset hulls, (PEARL DIVER, SOUTHERN SEAS etc.), referred to in other ww posts. I agree also on the styling of the coamings — lovely – KEN R


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