5 thoughts on “Woody with Wheels

  1. Is that all it takes? Remember the progression, P class, or Sabot -Wakatere (these daze its one of those boxes called paradoxically an Optimist until you are in your ’20s), Zeddie or Starling or Sunburst, then so on up the ladder until you get to crew on a mullety, then a Stewart 34, then a big Farr soapdish, then a bigger Farr that motors everywhere with just a headsail, then maybe a launch, then a motorhome, then the departure lounge (aka retirement home). No no no, rage, rage against the dying of the light. Don’t swallow the anchor and go ashore. Mind you, sailing a radio controlled yot at Lake Pupuke might be OK. Fun is inversely proportional to the WL.


  2. Ah I wondered why that shag in the high pohutukawas was watching us intently, seems to have a drone to peer into peoples cockpits as well!


  3. Following Chris then.. He must miss Wairau Cove though as the Giant motor home has been seen parked right by the water over Christmas. The weather will fine up tomorrow for Tall Ships in the Bay of Islands, usually does


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