Whats Happening Here?

Whats Happening Here?
photo ex Barry Davis

Ok woodys, by now you should have recovered from yesterdays 3rd serving of Christmas ham & pudding, so time to test the brain.
Whats the reason for the above flotilla – (1) reason/occasion (2) the date (3) can we ID any of the launches?

The answer via an update from Brian Davis
The photo (+ another added) are from the Weekly News of 15 May 1924, being the occasion of the arrival of the battlecruisers HMS Hood and Repulse and light cruiser Delhi.

Brian thinks the 2 masted launch may be the Lady Eva and the dark painted one ahead looks like either the Ionaero or Ionoto of Blue Boat origin. Some of them are certainly overloaded by todays standards.

6 thoughts on “Whats Happening Here?

  1. TE AWA in the bottom image was built by Arthur Forrester at Whakapirau in 1908 as WHAREPAPA. Thomas Hunter was using her as a passenger ferry to Greenhithe when the image was taken. She was burnt out at the Wade Heads in 1929.
    LEISURE HOUR, the nearest boat in the top image was built around 1911; no further details except that she was living in the Kawau area in 1924.


  2. One looks like LADY AVA, — centre & second from right — & may be a Blue Boat in front of her Could well be a regatta day as Juli Cook says


  3. A regatta Day. Background is probably Devonport with Rangitoto in the far distance. One launch’s stern = ‘pride of the…’.


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