photos ex Tim Jackson, Russell Ward & Harold Kidd, details ex Russell Ward & Harold Kidd

Tim sent in the above photo of Kawhiti hauled out at The Landing (Okahu Bay) getting some TCL. I’m very happy to see the ‘spoiler’ has vanished 🙂
Kawhiti was built by Collings & Bell in 1952 for D A Wilkie, later owners J M Simpson of Beach Road, Howick (1958). Terry McAvinue owned her from 1968 to 1997 when Harold Kidd took the image below of her in Matiatia.

Kawhiti is powered by a Ford diesel & if the memory is correct was for sale in 2013. I assume she has a new owner, can any of the woodys update us on where she calls home these days & any other info?


10 thoughts on “Kawhiti

  1. Hi Mike, Kawhiti is on the market & we are looking at it. Be keen to talk to you. Do you live in Auckland?


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  3. Thanks so much for the info, No there hasn’t been another fire, I am just trying to get as much history as possible about kawhiti and where she has been and what she has done


  4. Terry McAvinue replies as follows ” The only fire that I know of was when we up at Lanes Boatyard in the 70’s,to do up the flying bridge.In the early hours of the Monday morning when she was going back in the water, the shed burnt down with our boat in it.Fortunately most of our damage was forward, and down into the forward accommodation, also wiping out the front deck. I made sure that Lanes received the contract to restore her, but as it was approaching xmas, no work could start until after the holidays,and firstly the shed had to be practically rebuilt, including a new roof before work could commence.As a result, we were up in the shed for 11 months, and during that time had the foredeck replaced with teak. Don’t tell me there has been another fire.


  5. Hi Chris, we have a contract on Kawhiti and a survey booked, so I am very interested to know how extensive the fire was and how it started. We note the foredeck is no longer teak and I am now wondering whether this was replaced because of the fire. Can you give us any information. Regards Mike


  6. Always thought her & her lovely sistership MAKURA made a perfect pair,as they were so close to identical. – KEN R


  7. Saw her at the OBC a couple of weeks ago. She also suffered minor fire damage when in Lanes shed when Terry had her. Great to see the arch gone ,I personally would take off the bridge as well.


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