How Waitematawoodys Works

Might Be Time For An Explanation On The Process Behind Waitematawoodys And A Call For Content

Firstly ww is a blog and a blog is simply a way to share information and thoughts on a subject and create a community around that blog. Unlike social media platforms (facebook, forums etc) you can create a blog in any way you choose, its a personal space and more importantly you can control when & how a message (post) appears. Its a little like a magazine in that an editor controls the look and content and the magazine reader just reads what is published. How a blog can differ is that the reader (or follower as they are called) can have the ability to interact (comment) and even supply content for consideration. But unlike social media the follower can not publish content direct. One of the reasons for this is to keep the blog focussed on its reason for being and not get hijacked off on unrelated (boring) subjects.

Alan Houghton (photo below) is the founder of the ww blog, Alan decides the content that appears each day. This content is a combination of stuff he knows about or has access to and stuff sent to him by others and while Alan holds the tiller, waitematawoodys is all about you, not him. Your comments, photos and stories are what make it all happen. All ww is, is a window into the amazing world of classic wooden boats.

As the blog has grown in popularity, now over 1.2 million views, more and more people have started to submit content to ww, this is very cool and we encourage contributions. Its a great day when the blog & its followers are able to uncover for people details on a vessel from their past. So please keep sending in your photos, film, words and questions about the diverse vessels, people, history, events and activities that make up our unique community. The address to email them to is

The only thing we ask is that you clearly state what you know to be fact and what is memory based. Material based on the memory is great but we are all getting on and things can get a little murky, but ww files away everything and at some stage someone else could send in something that backs up the murky bits.

Note: waitematawoodys does not have staff or ‘official’ writers, there are a few enthusiastic people out there that submit information regularly and others that help with authenticating facts but we would encourage you all to have a look in the bottom draw for that old photo album and send in anything you think might be suitable.
A tip – rather than telling it to someone that might give the impression that they are knowledge and have the ability to get the story posted on ww, just send it direct to ww.

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