Waihora (Mystery Boat 05-08-2015)

photo ex Jason Prew

Today’s post is another photo from Jason Prew’s trip up the Tamaki River with Otira to the Chris McMullen workshop CYA visit. Jason photographed some of the many moored wooden boats moored on-route. The launch is a very well cared for sedan top &  I can just make out a shortish name on her coamings, something like Wai_ora??, I’m sure one of the river rats will be able to ID her & hopefully supply more info on her.

Not a mystery after all 🙂 https://waitematawoodys.com/2015/08/05/mystery-boat-05-08-2015/comment-page-1/#comment-25806

7 thoughts on “Waihora

  1. Comment from Murray Morrissey
    I believe Waihora was built and owned by the Nicks Family of the Nicks Timber Company of Takapuna. They had a big yard in Huron Street. The Nicks family was well known identities in Takapuna.
    Logan Nicks & wife retired to their beach house in Bland Bay – Whangaruru – Northland in the late 1960`s or thereabouts.
    Son – `Rud`- continued to run Waihora and the timber business.


  2. Forsooth, the editorial task becomes more onerous with the efluxion of time.
    Alan, you may need to outsource it to a willing group in Bangalore on penal rates.
    Yeah, that should sort it.
    My goodness me indeed. Would keep us going for a while yet!


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