Isma 1or 2

photos & question ex Lynette Hatrick (nee Ravenhall)

Amongst my Dad’s (Les Ravenhall) old photos I found another photo with marked on the back ‘Isma 1 sold in 1918’ and this does seem to be a different Isma to the second photo with my grandfather Charles sitting on it in the Orakei Basin with Upland Road in the background.

So woodys what do you think, same boat or could there have been two different boats?

6 thoughts on “Isma 1or 2

  1. Yes Harold both were applicable to my grandfather. Supplementing his income with what he could – the man was an entrepreneur and he loved his boats and cars. I have since researched both references and both were him. No idea as yet where the Isma refers to or what. It is Ronald Ravenhall who was my father is these references on both Isma and Silver Spray. The Hukarere belonged to Leslie Ravenhall on of his brothers. Great to see that the Silver Spray lives on.


  2. Harold – can you send me the links so I can check those references for my grandfather Charles Ravenhall. Neither sound like him as was a bricklayer/mason/builder. please. By the way Ronald Ravenhall was my father


  3. Maybe. More likely Charles Ravenhall built both himself from a common hull plan, probably from a US yachting magazine.


  4. I see some really comparable lines in amongst the two vastly different looking boats – the stem, tumble home, rudder, aft deck, sheerline (less the raised foredeck) and the ports and ventilator match. Could she have been through a massive modernization reusing hardware?

    There is something about the line of the forward cabin trunk on the top photo that really appeals to me – Herreshoff Fishers Island 23esque…


  5. They are certainly two distinct little launches. If Charles Ravenhall was a fruiterer in Karangahape Road in 1916 it looks as if the first one was advertised for sale then as a “20ft cabin launch, 4 1/2 hp 4 cycle engine……..65 pounds” (which fits the image). But surely he was a dairyman at Epsom around 1916? And why ISMA for both names?


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