I do not know the name of today’s post but this kauri sedan launch was recently sold on trademe. We do know she was designed and built in 1951 by Allen Williams.

32’ in length & powered by a 100hp Ford 6cyl. Diesel. Asking price was around $35k, so on face value, someone got a bargain.

When sold she was based in the Coromandel, so today’s questions are what is her name, who bought her, where is she now & what history do we know about her?.

Update – she is Juanita & has appeared on ww before so to read more about her, view the Comments section &/or search her name in the ww search box 😉

(classic trademe listing i.e. no boat name featured 😦  ……… when will people wise up)

22-10-2015 Update

Juanita is currently sitting on a swing mooring outside Lees Boat Builders at Sandspit awaiting her turn at the hands of Greg Lees & his team of craftsman.

13 thoughts on “Juanita

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  2. Hi Alan, has been great to get her back to home waters with much appreciated assistance from Greg Lees. Many fun family adventures to be had in her. Nick Davidson


  3. Good Morning, just to let you know my wife and I are the new owners of Juanita Belle having recently completed the purchase from Marty and Lena Pooley. We are indeed aware of her history and are absolutely thrilled to be able to continue the wonderful restoration work that Marty and Lena have undertaken over recent years. We are intending to get her across to Greg Lees at Lees boat builders in Sandspit in late August where we hope to start the job of getting her exterior looking as good as her interior. I don’t mind those aft windows at all either! Regards Nicholas Davidson


  4. Alan I dont have any factual answers but I feel compelled to say the bit I know.
    I saw it at Whitianga a number of times in the marina with tarps over it. It occuurred to me as a relic that was lingering out its last years like a boat that wasnt going to make it. I was there one time and the tarps were off and clearly I was wrong. She was being worked on slowly by one very talented and fastideous guy and his wife. I was introduced to him and he proudly showed me aboard. The man was committed to producing a high quality result and a strong accent on a boat looking well loved original unmolested and in period colours. Very few boats get this level of attention to detail and authenticity. I was shocked to see it go up for sale at such a low price.
    It seemed to me that the owner may have had circumstances forcing him to let it go.
    I hope the new owner appreciates what he has got.


  5. Juanita? I believe. I read a bit about her last week on this site after seeing the advert on Trade Me. Spoke with the sellers but unfortunately they had already sold her.


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