photo & details ex Colin Pawson

I can not tell you much about Mera other than she was built in 1957 by the Algies brothers to a Colin Wild design. She has been restored by the grandson – Mathew Tickle. The above photo was taken at Gt Barrier Island earlier this year.

What do we know about her?

10 thoughts on “Mera

  1. Don’t forget gentlemen, that as a grammar old boy myself, I know for certain that Grammar old boys always know best, & are always right, — ( well almost always, anyway!!!) – KEN R


  2. This Algerian issue is getting international implications. Please, guys, be careful, Arab Spring and all that…


  3. Dear Mr H
    If you read carefully you will note I didn’t say WHO had made the typo.
    Time this site had an independent moderator if you ask me!
    There’s way too much personal abuse.
    I’ll get Harold to comment on the grammar.


  4. I’m very sorry Alan for questioning you. I must have left the reading glasses at home that day. Please accept this note as my apology.
    Warm Regards CP

    edited by AH


  5. Mathew told me the original design was a Colin Wild but the Algies ‘tweaked’ it to their own liking


  6. The APYMBA entry on her says only that she was built in 1957 by M & S ALGIE, RD2 Warkworth, she had a 60hp diesel and dimensions of 36’loa, 10’6″ beam and 2’9″ draught. No mention of designer. How is the Wild design connection substantiated? It’s entirely possible and would normally be because of friendship with Colin.


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