Barra Dee

photos & details ex John Wicks

Barra Dee is currently hauled out at Westpark (now called Hobsonville Marina) & John estimates that she is approx 11>12m in length. Her owner nothing about her past other than she was most likely built in the 1960’s, her shape would support this.
Judging by how far forward the prop and (temporarily removed) rudder are, John thinks that she’s been lengthened. If so, whoever did it did a good job; it’s not immediately apparent and the sheer hasn’t been allowed to sag towards the stern.

Can anyone enlighten us & the owner on her past?

ps she may be 4sale if anyone is interested.

12 thoughts on “Barra Dee

  1. Yep, in the later ’60s there always seemed to be a woman on Barra Dee calling up all and sundry on the RT. Did a lot of chatting. They obviously took the Coastguard thing really seriously.


  2. Would like to get in contact with the owner of the Barra Dee, Cheers Paul.
    Added by AH – Paul White Coastal Consent Monitoring and Compliance Advisor | Natural Resource and Specialist Input | Auckland Council


  3. Hi there,

    Barra Dee was once owned by Barry Dunn of RNZYC and maybe Victoria Cruising Club.

    Barra Dee and Barry were members of Coast Guard back in the day when private launches were used as Coast Guard rescue vessels.

    I recall one rescue when Barra Dee had a fizz boat under tow. On approaching Westhaven launching ramp, the fizz boat pulled up the tow rope, cut it short and motored into shore. Barry chased the ‘pirates’ down and retrieved his rope. Thereafter, Coast Guard vessels were reluctant to rescue people and if they did, were doubly sure to get their tow-rope back.

    I think Barry was an honourary Launch Warden. Check with ancient Coast Guard data.

    See you

    Juli Cooke (nee Turnwald, John’s daughter)


  4. She had a 72HP four cylinder Ford and Barry completely wore that out and replaced with another with many hours of Coastguard service work. Barry cruised extensively alongside my father Monty Mchugh in Stardrift (also in the Coastguard cutter group).


  5. Yes Barry had her till the mid -late eighties at least on the ‘coastguard’ marina at Westhaven, she didn’t move much towards the end though.


  6. Little to add except that Barry Dunn of 5 Miller St Point Chev owned her at least as far back as 1966 and at least until 1973. He was NZ Coastguard Service Skipper of the year with her in 1967.


  7. Barra dee was owned in the 70s by Barry Dunn hence the name. At the time she was a well known Auckland Coastguard Cutter vessel in conjunction with Golf Star,Fred Hildrich, Lady luck, Bert hammer,Rose Marie, Atholl petrie. I don’t know when Barry bought or sold her but it’s possible he had her built. Cheers Kelvin On 22/04/2015 12:17 AM, “ – the classic wooden bo


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