Tiri – Radio Hauraki Quiz

Tiri – Radio Hauraki Quiz

photo ex Chris Leech & the limited edition book ‘Radio Hauraki – The Pirate Years (1966-1970)’ by John Monks.

OK who can ID the classic launch at the rear of the photo?

13 thoughts on “Tiri – Radio Hauraki Quiz

  1. The black boat in the front is indeed the Marauder, owned by bill Gibbs. She was built for Bill by Jim Young at Birkenhead wharf in 1965. She is a Vindex hull with a cabin and large after deck designed specially for Cray fishing round the barrier. Bill eventually sold Marauder and had a larger version also painted black called Cossack in 1970. ( photo of her can be seen in Swashbucklers) bill eventually took Cossack fiordland wher he fished for Crays. Bill was well known for supporting RadioHauraki with supplies and standing by in bad weather.


  2. There are 2 boats in the pic — don’t know the first dark coloured one, but the rear one these is no doubt in my mind she definitely has to be Clarks LADY MARGARET– & what Fantastic piece of nostalgic history in pictures for us older folk — not that I listened as it was not my type of music, but supported their ideals all the way– KEN RICKETTS


  3. Yes you are correct, and it is the Marauder. She was the regular supply ship to the Tiri during her tenure.


  4. OOPs I was in the first book on Radio Hauraki “Shoestring Pirates” by Adrian Blackburn, not this latest one by John Monks….and then only because I used to hang around with Doc and the Blackburn brothers and got involved in the International Law aspects of broadcasting from the Hauraki Gulf.
    What a scene it was!


  5. Funny that, I posted Lady Margaret III at about 1:53 am from my ipad but the comment seemed to vanish. I assumed it was an ipad glitch and then went off down the Menai track a bit later on the PC. 🙂


  6. My first thought was MENAI as she was around the Barrier at the time but I bow to Grant and Russell. MENAI has that odd hook in the sheer forward which I personally don’t like.
    By the way, “Doc” O’Callahan was the radio engineer and tech whizz for Radio Hauraki and has since part-owned TASMAN for many years.
    They were exciting times. Even I get mentioned in the book, something that my several tech whizz sons cherish most about me, I think..


  7. Yeah, Lady Mag surely! Menai a lot higher in the wheelhouse. Mag had that raised part fwd of the house. Sorry Lady Margaret -old habit of mine calling her that


  8. Lady margrette?

    On 5 Mar 2015, at 00:12, “waitematawoodys.com – the classic wooden bo


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