Centaurus – A peek down below

Centaurus – A peek down below

Last week I posted some on-the-marina photos of Centaurus & on Sunday I spotted her anchored in the upper harbour. Thanks to Tim Jackson I can now share some interior photos with you.

We know that she was built by Bailey Bros & owned by the Sibun family for approx 40 years, her present owner purchased her off the Sibuns & has had her for 10 years.  I’m told she still has her original 1965 Cummings V6 engine. Based on this comment I’m assuming she was launched in 1965.

Rather smart.


10 thoughts on “Centaurus – A peek down below

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  2. Further to the comment below from Alan S. (19.7.15) I can confirm that Cummins did make a V6, 200 Series. Refer below copy of the workshop manual front cover and photo of the V6 engine.
    I saw the CENTAURUS engine & studied it in much detail at Christmas c1985 — KEN R
    Comment edited by Alan H & photos added


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  4. A late correction here in relation to Centaurus’ engine said to be a V6 Cummins. I remember being shown over her in the early 70’s including the engine room and I was pretty sure Mr Sibun (cannot remember his christian name) said it was a V8 Cummins. A little research confirms Cummins to this day have never built a V6 diesel. Based on age and size I would expect the engine is a Cummins V8 504 diesel, same as were used in alot of trucks – International Acco’s, largest D series Fords etc


  5. She is a very large volume boat, & as far as I can see is virtaully the same as when I ;was last aboard her circa 1985.– Absolutely beautiful in every way inside & out!!
    The Sibun family were wonderfully hospitable people, & during a Christmas cruise, they took me over to the Sandspit from Smelting House Bay one day, to pick up a replacement starter for TIARRI for the port engine, which had failed, & I remember very clearly, I was amazed how unbeleivably quiet & smooth that big Cummins was, one of the quietest engines I had ever heard, as we glided along so very smoothly & effortlessly through the water, – almost like a yacht. — KEN RICKETTS


  6. Very nice, and quite a different bridgedeck layout than I am used to. What’s the story with these Bailey boats built later on, were many done, who owned the company etc? I know it has been covered before but remind me


  7. O.M.G Stunning! What a transformation! Is this rearlly the “Reremoana”
    that used to cruise Lake Tarawera in the 1960s/70s?!!


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