Woodys In The Bay of Islands Xmas/NY 2014-15

Woodys In The Bay of Islands Xmas/NY 2014-15

photos ex Dean Wright

Dean Wright – professional photographer & owner of the classic 1927 Bob Brown built launch ‘Arethusa’ had his camera out over the break & snapped a few of our fleet at rest in the BOI’s. Greg, like most of us, has a bit of a crush on Wirihana 🙂

Can anyone name for me the tram-topper?

To view more of Deans work & see/read about Arethusa – click the link below

Click this link to view my all time favourite classic boating photo. Rings all my bells.


13 thoughts on “Woodys In The Bay of Islands Xmas/NY 2014-15

  1. Spoke to the owners Sophie and Diggs Diggerholm this morning, boat’s name is Maitai, Collings and Bell 1928.

    Owned for a long time – up until seven years ago by one of the Deeming Brothers.

    They sold it to Pete Hessell. Sophie and Diggs bought it from him, they are the fourth owner.

    36HP 3cyl Bukh


  2. I like her style too. Same tram top, lines as Rata as you say Harold.
    I admire these brave folk that don’t require bow rails.
    I would like to remove Wennas but after walking around Manola’s decks with her extreme beam I feel the need to cling like an octopus to ‘slinky’ Wenna’s every hand hold.

    Your not the only one in that boat Harold it’s just how fast or if we can recupe that counts.


  3. Having attempted to contemplate my navel, but failing due to the accumulation of adipose tissue over the Xmas-New Year feasting and consumption of reds, I emerge to say that she’s quite like the Dick Lang RATA of 1926 (see entry in WW). I’ve seen her before but I just can’t place her. She’s damn nice though, sporting the same dodger we’ve just re-instated on ROMANCE II.


  4. I found a photo of her 1950’s anchored in Waitangi with My Girl, Rosemary II, Pirate, Te Rauparaha Lady Gay. the Z.G. boats etc etc you get the picture… Perhaps an old local game boat?


  5. You’re right. It”s not VALERIE. I think I’ll go and sulk on the boat and examine my navel.


  6. VALERIE. Built by Lane Motor Boat Co for M.G. King of Whangarei and launched on 29th August 1929. With respect, I would have thought her Lane pedigree was clear when you compare her hull-form with FALCON, although she was heavily rebuilt after a fire during WW2 by Leon Warne.
    She’s been on WW before when Robin Elliott posted a nice pic of her.


  7. Whilst I don’t know the name, the shear line of the bow deck area, tram top & dodger styling & hull lines, have substantial similarities to JULIANA, (even 3 windows across the front end of the tram top which is not that common in my experience), & to me she is very much Sam Ford c1930. — KEN RICKETTS


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