Sir Francis


photo & details ex Paul Drake

The above photo of Sir Francis was taken at Taupo in 2013. She was built by Collings and Bell in 1916. Sir Francis is 22′ in length & is powered by a  Universal Utility Four, dating from 1937. She is a very lucky boat as she lives in a boat shed on Lake Taupo.

One of the amazing things about Sir Francis is that she has had the same owners (the Drake Family) for 75 years.

8 thoughts on “Sir Francis

  1. Saw her last Sunday, and she looks in need of some maintenance – compared to the other Drake launches on display. Still a good looking woody, and credit to the owners.


  2. Saw her lovely old self in the marina at Taupo on Saturday, along with several other Old Woodys. Must be more OWs to the acre there than anywhere.


  3. Not the original engine of course (boat built in 1916 – engine in 1937) but lovely old engine all the same. Boat built as FAIRY, re named ALOHA, re named SIR FRANCIS by Grandfather Drake on purchase in 1938. Don’t approve of changing boat names, but I was too young at the time to protest – ie I wasn’t born until ten years later.


  4. SIR FRANCIS doesn’t live in a boat shed anymore, but did spend the years between 1938 and about 1965 afloat in a boat shed, which was certainly,made her a lucky boat.


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