Tasman / Little Tasman

Tasman / Little Tasman (Mystery Launch 01/07)

Time for a little quiz – who can ID this launch.

The answer is Little Tasman

To quote Harold Kidd – it’s the first TASMAN, a 26 footer built by Colin Wild for Albert Spencer in December 1925.
She was later known as “Little Tasman” . In the photo she is honking along in 1927 with her Stearns bellowing.

An update on Little Tasman

CYA member Bruce Pullan (MV Ann Michelle) have sent me a later photo of Little Tasman, Bruce received this from the then owner when she was for sale a few years ago on trademe. She was at Kawau at time and not running. The owner advised that he was going to take it out of the water back at the mainland if it did not sell.
Bruce first came across Little Tasman on the Manukau during the 1970s (late he thinks) she was owned by Don Garner who was the Commodore of the Manukau Cruising Club at the time. The Manukau Cruising Club was still racing launches during the 1970s.

Here she is in Feb 2012 hauled out at Pt Wells. Photo by CYA member Mark Edmonds

Photo below from Ken Ricketts – Mansion House Bay, Kawau Island – Xmas 1948. Showing Little Tasman.


16 thoughts on “Tasman / Little Tasman

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  2. Hi there. She was at Point Wells on the hard in a guys back yard about a year ago. John Pryor sent me there to see if I could fall in love with her. I did, but I had huge commitment issues. She’s probably still there. John Pryor will know the contact.


  3. Can’t believe I typed LITTLE JIM,

    I had felt she was LITTLE TASMAN, not LITTLE JIM, & I still infuriatingly typed LITTLE JIM — talk about stupid — old age must really be setting in — too many “senior moments” sometimes–KEN R


  4. I’m sure Moon engines could find Jason a suitable substitute for that hot Stearns so that he could plane all over the Gulf. He’s just a hotrodder at heart.


  5. Which LITTLE JIM are you thinking about, the Curtiss V8 powered hydroplane or the Leigh-based fishing launch owned by Knaggs?


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