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A clip from a chat between Russell Ward & Alan H
photo ex Basil Rutherford collection

Anywhere else in the world , these ladies would be being restored & proudly on display.
Instead another one is about to be slaughtered at Paeroa or Thames on 14 May or thereabouts.
It has reached the end of a sad trot of indifferent ownership and has been given her marching orders from the Maritime Park. It is a shame because when Paeroa were given her, she was one of the better ones the Navy had.
Tarapunga died a few weeks ago. Another whose name escapes me did some impact hydrography in Milford Sound last week.

Manga is making her last sacrifice at Helensville .
These eminently useable boats are vanishing at a rate.
Paea is going strong and may be the beneficiary of Koura’s parts.

The simply lesson here is that old boats have got to be kept working. If not they just rot away.

Interested in reading more on all things Motor Launch, be they serving in the Navy or in civvy hands. (over 250 photo’s and 50+ stories and tech data / links to other ML pages) Check out the link below

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  1. HDML Kuparu is in the process of being saved. check out Facebook under HDML Kuparu. Alot of work , but saving her the best I can.


  2. The boat down in Milford Sound will Takapu….. Mako is in Brisbane, Tamure and Haku are in Auckland along with our Paea. We’ve watched poor Koura’s decline over the years. It was sold to the current owner about 8 years ago (the same year we bought Paea) and apparently he was full of promises to the Museum about complete restoration of Koura. We have helped him with parts, that he’s not looked after (or used) and have since been broken or lost. He’s taken out the fuel tanks, cut through watertight bulkheads, used completely the wrong materials on the few things he’s repaired (construction ply and epoxy designed for concrete floors.. and will never dry)… there is rot right through the boat, and on and on it goes.. we, like many others have been saddened by her continuing decline …… as have the people from the Museum…. if they knew that he really didn’t know what he was doing.. I doubt they would have sold it to him in the first place.


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