Adelaide V

Adelaide V

This launch is currently berthed on Lake Taupo & one of the ww followers (Ron Wattam) is interested to ID the vessel.

Can anyone provide any info on her?

She has been ID’ed as Adelaide V

Photo below ex Baden Pascoe 11/07/2014

1 thought on “Adelaide V

  1. This is ADELAIDE, built as ADELAIDE V by Collings and Bell in 1924. Length 40 feet. She is one of the series of ADELAIDEs built for Captain Charles Palmer and was a magnificent flush decker with two masts and sails.Captain Palmer was a great fan for auxiliary sail on his launches. She has been at Taupo for many years – perhaps 50 – and prior to that was in Napier. She has no visible name and as children, before we knew her proper name, we knew her as ROARING MEG due to the racket her engines made.


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