MAPUNA  – yes again 🙂  but I was sent today a wonderful collection of old photos by her current owner (Mark McLaughlin) that he received courtesy of the Robert Brooke family collection.

The young lady breaking the champagne over the bow on launching day is Elizabeth Brooke, daughter of the original owner A.R (Bill) Stephenson. A.R Stephenson was the principal of Avondale College at the time. As mention in the post below, Robert Brooke built her at Snow Waters’ yard and then married Bill Stephenson’s daughter after proposing in the forward cabin during construction!

Mark believes Snow Waters’ yard in the photos was located near where the Mitre 10 Mega store at Wairau Park is now. Jack Brooke is the man wearing the tie walking past Mapuna as she is being extracted from the shed. Snow Waters is crouching down next to the cradle, nearest Brooke.

CYA member Neil Chalmers (Gleam) sent me the Nov. 1963 Sea Spray article.

10 thoughts on “Mapuna

  1. Hi Simon, thanks for the info. I recognise your grandfather’s name from the logbook that is still on the boat. Mapuna is usually kept on a pile mooring on the Tamaki Estuary outside Owen Woolley’s old shed (near the Panmure Bridge). I would be only to happy to reaquaint you with her and share some history.
    My phone number is 027 291 4015.


  2. My Grandfather WJ (Bill) Foote owned Mapuna from circa 1968 – 1980 moored on pilings at Westhaven and a mooring at Matauwhi Bay near Russell. He and my grandmother spent the best of their retirement years having wonderful trips on Mapuna which they often shared with their grandchildren. She was a great sea boat and handled quite a few storms well in those years. I have been wondering where Mapuna was now and would be grateful to be in touch with the current owner if anyone could help me. Is that Mark McLaughlin? Mark, would love to know where Mapuna is and perhaps be reaquainted with her. Cheers


  3. The Slipway at her launching reminds me of the Devonport Yacht Club Western Slipway ??? AmIi correct ???


  4. Beatufully well presented complete story of the creation & life of lovely boat — one of the many I have not known until now –well done again Alan for bringing all thes lovely craft to us all KEN RICKETTS


  5. Snow Waters yard was actually No. 20 Hillside Road. (I notice the land all barron)
    I rented this building and yard when Snow owned it. Their was also a boat built in the New building at No. 22 before I also rented that one too and it was built but a Dutch gentleman who’s name I can not remember now, does any one know this era who this was and also the boat, would be about 1975/6?


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