Mahanui (Jacinta II)


Mahanui was built by Keith Atkinson in 1977 for Trevor Lindsay who owned Linbide Precision Tools.  She was originally launched as Jacinta II.  Keith had built a 44 ft boat to a “Bertram” design (Raymond C Hunt) launched as ‘Shango’ which Trevor admired but it was too big for his marina at Half Moon Bay  so he said if Keith could build a scaled down Shango he would buy it.  That was Jacinta II Photo attached as originally launched. She’s hard chine Kauri Plywood glassed over hull and topsides.  Trevor owned her for 25 years and sold her to someone in Doves Bay Kerikeri who used her for game fishing then became ill and sold her about 8 years ago to Brett Haeger who changed the name to Mahanui, and converted the portofino stern topsides to conventional topsides and added a new duckboard.  There was no extension of the hull.  He also shortened the flying bridge coamings.

Jenny and Angus Rogers purchased Mahanui in February 2012 and set about fixing the defects the survey revealed starting in May 2012 at Lees Boatyard in Sandspit.  On the way to Sandspit one of the original motors (BMC 98’s) blew its fuel pump and closer examination of the motors indicated we either had to spend a lot of money on reconditioning very old motors or bite the bullet and replace them.  We replaced them with twin Perkins Sabre M135’s with Newage PRM gearrboxes.  She was in the shed at Sandspit for almost 9 months and during that time the hull was dried out, treated inside and then white gel coated, new exhausts fitted, new fuel and water hoses and filters, completely rewired, new BEP switchboard, LED lights throughout, faulty instruments replaced, complete overhaul of refrigeration, new batteries,resplining and strengthening coamings, all chromed brass removed and redone, bowsprit and anchoring system upgraded, all deckrails removed and refastened, new controls and cables, new skin fittings, other wood work, most of the internal panellng replaced, flybridge interior completely refurbished,coamings back to bare wood and Uroxis varnished, topsides and flybridge repainted, hull taken back to glass re-epoxied and new antifoul, new electronics and autopilot. Now ready for its next 30 years.

13-01-2017 Update from Angus Rogers
Piecing together an accurate history on Mahanui is interesting.  The original owners (Lindsays) have provided ‘as launched’ and ‘run until 1996’ photos (below).  Then in 1996 they extended the hull to its present length and Portofino sterned her and upgraded the foredeck hatches, put in solar panels etc.  The next owner must have extended the side panels of the flybridge as shown on the photo that appeared in WW as “as launched”.  The Lindsays corrected me about that photo showing her “as launched”   and then the 3rd owner added the topsides and new duckboard and removed the added sidepanels to its present profile which I have just changed by extending the coaming roof.
Read details & view photos of the work undertaken in 2016 at the Greg Lees yard at this link


7 thoughts on “Mahanui (Jacinta II)

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  3. You have a fine ship there Greg. Wonderful to see quality boats in the hands of people who have the resources and expertise to maintain them.


  4. Great to see she’s being looked after
    We now own (shango) now named shalom which has been extended to 48 feet and had a new fly bridge.
    At the moment we have it in the shed ripping the teak decks off and making some small adjustments. She’s in great shape.


  5. What a wonderful way to treat such a lady. Hope you are able to enjoy all the improvements and she gives you trouble free motoring, she at least owes you that.


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