Caprice (ll ?)

Caprice II (?)
Possibly built by Lanes, I can hear Harold Kidd now saying “aren’t they all” 🙂
Ken Ricketts advises the photos are from the chap that owned her (may still do) at Mangonui.
More details would be appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Caprice (ll ?)

  1. I have information on a boat called Caprice that was operating in the Auckland area from at least 1926 to 1940. But at 36′ long she appears to be longer than the boat Caprice II which to my eye looks about 32′ long.

    Name: Caprice
    Later names {also Sail or Rego or Fishing No}:
    Material: Wood
    Rig: Rig changes & identification codes:
    Type:Cruiser+Yacht Propulsion: Screw single
    Year built: prior to 1926 Yard or Job No:
    Where built: NZ?
    Engines: Motor 25-30bhp
    Official Number: IMO Number: 0
    Dimensions (ft)—Length: 36 Breadth: Depth:
    Volumetric ‘tonnage’ measurements (1 ton = 100 cubic ft):
    Gross: Underdeck: Net:
    Decks: Deck Erections:
    Number of funnels &location: Number of bulkheads:
    Tanks, etc: Freeboard:
    Stem: Figurehead: Stern:
    PORTS and owners: AUCKLAND@b26b28b39b40 John W.Andrews
    Fate/Status— Year: Type: Details:
    History and details: 8 berths. 1926/02/07 took 2 crew from small sunken yacht Aotea from Station Bay to Kohimarama. 1926/02/28 making for Kohimarama wharf with party of nine, sighted crew of capsized sailing boat, headed for spot at full speed, sighted one person that drowned, picked up 3 survivors, towed yacht back to St.Heliers Bay. 1926/03/20 marker boat for the start of a race held by the Tamaki YC, owner to act as starter. 1926/04/05 attended Tamaki YC annual regatta off Kohimarama beach carrying spectators. 1928/01/28 to be flagship at Tomaki YC regatta held off Kohimarama wharf. 1939/12/02 & 1940/01/06 for sale at Kohimarama.
    References (see Aus3^1926/2/8,1926/3/1,1926/3/19,1926/4/5,1928/1/27,1939/12/2
    Research notes:
    Corrections, additions or updates gratefully received via email at
    If information is published please acknowledge Mori Flapan: Register of Australian and New Zealand Ships and Boats 2013 and any other major contributors listed in References above (usually denoted by capitals).


  2. That looks very much like a boat in the Percy Vos drawings I have. I will look at this when I return to NZ


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