Pic courtesy Harold Kidd. Built in the early 1900s, Ken Ricketts knew this boat from 1946 to mid 1950s she lived in Judges Bay, by the groin just under the bridge right next door to his late fathers boat JULIANA. She was owned by an Oliver Brett accountant of Parnell, & had had the hull built up to a flared bow, probably in the1930s (a la MAVIS B) had a Redwing 6 cyl petrol engine & was hardly used disappeared off the radar after that would like any news.

7 thoughts on “Rosalind

  1. Well, yes, because that elliptical separate cabintop had been superseded by the raised foredeck, flushdeck style progressively from 1910 onwards. But some people considered the new style as rather radical and wanted their launches to be more yacht-like. It wasn’t a question of volume but of resistance to change.


  2. I immediately notice a resemblance to Pacific’s lines and proportions. Harold is she really old hat style- wise for 1914? She looks larger volume than most earlier launches


  3. ROSALIND was owned for many years (1919 to at least 1952) by Oliver Brett of Parnell. He died in 1954 and I don’t know what happened to her afterwards. Brett bought her from George Grey Thorne of Parnell who had owned her since 1914 under the name SODA, SODA because she was fitted with a 20hp Djinn kerosene engine built by Straker-Squire. I suppose he might have called her TONIC these days. I suspect that either 1. she was new in 1914 and was built locally at Judges Bay by Joe Slattery for Thorne or 2. Thorne bought her in 1914 and renamed her after fitting the Djinn. She looks very old hat for 1914 but people can be conservative. If the latter I don’t know what she was before but am working on it. She does show a strong resemblance to PACIFIC which is even later, however.


  4. I love this photo of Rosalind. She looks very similar to my launch Pacific, built in 1917 by Slattery for my great grandfather Everad Hobbs.
    I would be keen to know if you have more information about the Rosalind

    Kind regards


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